Friday, October 10, 2014

SpOOOOkY good times..Halloween is coming!

I'm usually not feeling it on Halloween each year, it's way more fun to get dressed up when no one expects it anyways, but this year something's different. Plus it's on a friday! Are you getting into the spirit this year?

Heyyy speaking of scaring people on the daily, I wore this outfit to my favorite 15 year olds "monsters and villains" birthday party in September. I went for like a..."creepy vampire/killer glitter clown fashionable killer lady" after a monster teeth failure. ha ha! It wasn't what I was going for, but fun anyways.

I still love this dress I made for last years SAM fashion show and love that it fits me! I printed white checkered cotton with a handmade stamp of my logo, and did some red paint splatter. The rest of the dress is quilted and layered fabrics and lace with hoop steel and plastic boning in seams. 

In other news, this year's Bunka fashion show, a yearly show that Japanese fashion design students put on at SCCC, was fabulous! These cuties were modeling one of my favorite collections, a twist on traditional japanese garments and print.  I'm here looking super excited with my girl, Candace.

Thanks to stylin' gal pals and fellow designers,  Melody and Candace for going with me (They are each wearing their designs by the way!)

Speaking of collections, for the month of October I will be putting a handful of fall Yuki dresses in downtown Seattle store, Sassafras!  What I love best (after wearing my sample for the last few months) is it's competely reversible, a great layer piece, and comfy! Not to mention flattering and versatile.

I am most excited about making 2 exclusive halloween versions of the knit Yuki dress. I found the most amazing tangerine/true orange cotton/modal for one side,  (ON SALE at District Fabrics yessss) and this black and white cotton jersey print for the other! 

I am finishing these up now along with a few other colors and will post on social media lots when I drop them off.  Chat soon!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Maysun's Katy Perry Experience

This summer I was commissioned for a very special project from an old friend Atta, for his daughter's custom look for her Katy Perry experience at the Tacoma Dome on 9/13/14!  First of all, How freaking cool is that, DAD?  

The most memorable concert I remember going to in young adult days with my own Dad was the Yeah Yeah Yeah's/White Stripes in the early 2000's. I will never forget watching with pure glee as Karen O writhed around, spitting on herself and screaming, Dad totally having a confused/laughing/WTF moment.  There were a lot of moments that night, so good!

 Anyways, It was really fun to work with a couple of clients who were so open to color, pattern, letting me flex my creative muscle, and fun. In addition to the dress, I made Atta a bow tie out of the matching materials and a head piece for the little miss. And did you check out those perfectly matching converse? Needless to say, they were such the cute duo! 

close up details of the back corset and bow tie

Maysun meets Katy Perry on stage!
Custom bow tie for the evening
The process- Beginning Outlines and drafts
 Look, it's the tiniest little pattern!

P-P-Poooofy skirt! Has an elastic waistband for maximum usage through these growing years!  Hopefully this can transition into more wild outfits or fluffy skirts in the future.

Corset-bodice with vintage poly floral print on CF and binding.  Hoop steel boning and spiral steel on the Side Front channels. Chose this style because M specifically wanted a strapless-sweetheart look, and I wanted to create something that would grow with her and be more forgiving than what I know some strapless dresses to behave like!

For a truly fab ensemble, one must also have their own custom bow head piece made with the finest of rhinestones, vintage poly floral, and shiny organza! haha. Her use of the spiky bracelet gives it some edge as well, don'tcha think? Special thanks to Kerry, who did Maysun's rockin hair and helped style too!

Pretty Crazy: Maysun meets Katy on stage! Check out those colors together on stage-pretty cute.

I feel so special to be a part of this overall event and experience for her and her dad. Waking up to seeing the video of Maysun's happy face the day after on FB and meeting her idol--MAGIC. Thanks again Atta!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summertime in Seattle

 As I turn 26,  life seems to fly by and never is quite what I expect it to be. However, I'm
 doing tons of photography, reading quite a bit this summer, and shifting into a more self-motivated career path! Here's whats been happening in photos (in no particular order) :

Super inspired by the Mattawa mountains on highway 243 everytime we pass by going east. These shots of my Yuki dresses will be on the upcoming website!
RIP my Platies Spock and Geordi. My vintage animals and 3 month old plastic fetus hung out on their last weeks.
 Hanging out with color coodinated babes and bands.
 Farm times

 (Did I mention how much I love spiders?)

 Pasco's feed corn fields

a favorite space
 Pretty Boy Baby Blue
 Playful-est babay
This was a test shot. haaaaa
 Burning man capes with LED's
 Birthday celebrations at the conservatory
Candace Cantaloupe, my BF hanging with me on my birthday :)
 vintage wedding presents for friends

 Immaculate conception
 fwiends in my glasses

           Summertime BBQ's

 nails for the wedding and the tattoo expo

A sneak peak into upcoming shop pictures...
Gorg Jes Modeling her own Yuki dress for the upcoming shop! (What do you think of the earrings as well? Those styles will be up there too, if you like!) 

I posted on my personal page with some exciting news! My studio is now set up to take students for private tutoring on project based questions, pattern making or draping lessons, hourly! Have a project you need to finish up? Always wanted to make yourself a blouse with some amazing vintage fabric you have? Emails me for details and rates!  More info coming.

Any feedback or questions? I would dig it.

Thanks for looking,
Cami Gee