Monday, December 28, 2009

Pretty Parlor Displays

Yeah, so I'm still feeling nostalgic. I've been going through my computer searching for pictures for the website and writing out blurbs. I never realized how un-techy I am when it comes to ACTUALLY building a site. Anyhow, I'll continue to put some oldies but goodies of things I've done. These pictures are of when I worked at the parlor in Capitol Hill. Man those were the good days! Being in such an amazing space, meeting such hip people all the time. Here are some Parlor memories!

Top photos: Summer 2006-One of a kind reconstructed vintage dress in the Parlor window. middle-Elo Fasho and Anna Banana! Two of the coolest people, and neither of which I see enough of! Bottom left-Winter '06
Millie Vixen muff/clutch with Ruthie's Uniform jacket. Bottom right-MV one of a kind pin-up vest.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Beginning

These images are from my first fashion show (Pretty Parlor's Spring/Summer '06) and my first photoshoot, shot by Sally O'Mally at her house. Ahhh....the beginning...It's funny looking back on old things you've made and done. Your workmanship is embarrassing, but all in all you see how much you've grown. And that's not too bad.