Friday, March 19, 2010

Window Display

These Pictures don't do it's pretty cute! Come to the New York Fashion Academy (5201 Ballard Ave) and see my Spring window display. On the pearl 'laundry line' I've hung a whisk, rollers and lipstick, put up Elvgren pin ups, some of my photoshoots, and posted three dresses that I've made. The hand sewn floral dress was made for last years fashion show, the green pinstriped with hand dyed bustier top underneath was made last spring, and the slip on the line was one made way before I went to school. There's some construction issues, but that's why I went to school, right? I still love it.

This is something I'm working on as well right now. This bow was originally a tucked bra top in a bustier design that had too many flaws....and's going to be a bow with an Aesymmetrical fitted bodice, low back, and short circle skirt in the same fabric. I think it will be great, though I am sad the first design didn't work out. It'll have to be a project!

At the end of the month I'll have an opportunity to photograph this dress (and hopefully another!) with photographer Ian Anderson. He shot 'production' shots of my friend Candace and I working on school yesterday. They will go into our portfolios and into the Seamless in Seattle contest.

His work is great...check him out!

Loves, Camille.

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