Friday, June 25, 2010

New little fun projects

I've been doing some fun personal projects lately. I was totally into making that bra and have been doing a lot of hand sewing and accessories. I've also been dreaming of making Kindra this (below) hat after she rocked the rose bustle at my fashion show. Rosette Made of 13 yards of shimmer poly organza, large billed pillbox hat of buckrum and fusible fleece, green heart print cotton is vintage, and then...rhinestones...DUH! Making real hats (ie NOT large rhinestoned cocktail hats, or large head pasties) have been a pretty adventurous time, and am very interested in learning more.

Kindra modeling the rose bustle in the New York Fashion Academy fashion show 4/09. Now, it's on her head.

On a crafty note, I made some cherry blossom flowers for my mom's birthday using cardstock, rhinestones, markers, hot glue, and attached them to my parent's cherry tree branches. Cute, sparkly, and last until the fake poinsettias come out in the winter time!

(Um, hey dad!)

What's great about being unemployed is getting to be so creatively free to do this type of stuff....can't wait to make money off it someday!

Ciao, lovelies.


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