Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

Hello friends!

I wanted to post my latest and most recent project. Usually Halloween is uneventful for me because I dress in wig and costume on a somewhat regular basis, and October 30th I stressfully throw something together. This year was no exception for myself, but made my cousin Jenny a RAD costume.

In early September she presented the idea of being Barbarella to me. It so happens that it's one of my favorite movies, so I was totally down. Here's what we were inspired by:

I found some shiny white Nylon/Spandex in the garment district in New York and thought it would be perfect for ease, comfort, and the one-sie design. She has a hot bod, too, so she could totally pull it off. The black vertical stripes are made of velvet, and the "Power Box" made of the same white spandex and black trim. (hee hee!)

She was going to the Gary Numan concert on Halloween and rocked it. Pre-show she came over and I did her make up circa 1968-brown contoured eyes, Cat eye liner, big lashes, bronzer and a coral lip. This blonde wig of mine also really complimented her skin and was totally Barbarella.

Love, Camille.

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