Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Break window display

Over the Christmas break at school, some students and I set up an "experimental draping" window display. The New York Fashion Academy offers that class, and it was by far one of my favorites. For this, we took our own fabric and notions and draped whatever the heck we wanted on forms! Here it is:

And here's mine:

I've been playing with my mom's old Minolta SLR camera and took this picture. It's been fun to learn photography and lighting. This dress is a vintage inspired floral print I traded at a fabric exchange with one of my fellow friends and students. I attached this green pinstriped drapery weight fabric as a belt and trim. I also attached my favorite glass wig heads to the size 8 dress form and attached a high theatrical collar. I think long necks and high collars are so gorgeous. I was really inspired by African tribes' neckwear, including beautiful colored beads that give the illusion. I also discovered neck stretching, which was way more common in the way back machine, in South Africa and asian countries. They used brass and copper rings and the results are amazingly interesting.

Hat by J Von Stratton.

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