Friday, June 10, 2011

It's fashion show season in Seattle!

Oh yeah..I said it.

Lots of fashion shows have been happening lately in Seattle..

Firstly, Seamless in Seattle had many designers from NYFA as finalists in this years competition. I was so happy to see my friends win and compete, including Malia Yuk Eng, who I luckily got to style for the night. Here's her hair and make-up:
And here's all the contestants and models at the show:

Another project I've been working on is one with a team of interior decorators, architects, and designers for the yearly "Product Runway" . A team from Gensler and Make Up artist Tiffany Lowry hooked me up with some Patternwork for their project. I ended up drafting a corset pattern and under dress for their design and they really did a fabulous job with it. They used mainly couch and chair materials for their outfit. AWESOME. Here's a video and pictures:

Team Gensler:
The final garment, view one.
The transformation:

thanks so much to Sam, Dion, Tiffany, and all the rest of the team! It was a super neat project to work on.

SAM REMIX 6/2011-

Anna D., fellow designer at NYFA was the designer for the Seattle Art Museum's june installation of SAM:Remix, Nick Cave version. Tatiana, Caitlyn, and I (all students) got to model her 'trashresses' at the show. Basically, we got to dance around, pose for pictures with people, and drink champagne. Not a bad time. Here's some photos from that night.

That's it for now. What next? BALL GOWN! Stay tuned.

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