Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ballgown Part two

Hey guys!

I just finished day 13 (I think? I lost track of time after day 8....) and am almost done with the underdress in the real fabric! I think I am still on track, but have yet to draft out the cape with velvet bow trail and hoop skirt but am taking a two week sabbatical while my teacher is gone on vacation. I'll resume September 12th...I have much to think about...I'm really feeling my middle aged/kooky aunt version of myself lately. Anyhow, here are some pictures!

My inspiration wall I stare at: French architecture, Candy Darling, the dress design, Gwenyth as Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Paul Gaultier style , favorite make up "tears".
Cutting the final fabric of underskirt: Shiny Cotton with a little spandex. Looks nice with the Corset Coutil fabrics on bodice. I made two 3/4 circles and used one for front and one for back.
The result was:

Sewing the busk (to be in back) of the bodice and lining. (It's self lined)
quilted bra cups
Outside bodice with circular quilting. This almost made me cry by having to unpick it..more than a few times.
close up on the stitching..

A closer update soon with final fabric. This break will bring much brainstorming at the beach and wig making!!


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