Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ballgown Part Three!

Hello folks!

I took a one month (busy) break in between my scheduled ballgown time so that Terry (the director of NYFA) could go on vacation. I did some of this...
I also filled in for some of her classes along with my other wacky pals. Dang, those students were lucky! And this is why...

We (now referred to as: Paula-the fanatic buffet eatin muckleshoot gambler, Rhonda-lead singer for the cocktail weiners, and Denise Lee, Power realtor for the Beacon Hill area...) did a JC Penny's portrait studio session as these characters a few months ago (when we got an EPIC COUPON...) As you can tell, it turned out puh-retty well, had many gut laughs, and I am doing SOMETHING creative with these images when I'm done sewing my arse off.

Anywho, back to ballgown.

Now, I'm taking you back to the "way back" time machine. Like, a month ago. I last left off that I was sewing up the corset. I think it turned out really well!

Putting the tips on my steel boning..(can't wait to buy one of these for myself!)
Haven't trimmed the boning tips yet...that's what she said...ok. (oh my gosh, this dress making process has done nothing for my maturity still....) This has the busk in back ("alled" the holes) and looking at what the bodice looks like all stabilized.
full view:
Cutting the bias binding for the top of corset and bottom. Used a stretch shiny cotton, the same as final fabric of skirt.

Under dress complete! I only have a cape/trail and hoop skirt to make now!


I will make a fuller better crinoline/hoop skirt to put underneath, but this was an old one I had laying around. :)

As of now, I am on day three of my hoop skirt construction. Let me tell you friends. Making a hoop skirt is no laughing joke. Dealing with such huge pattern pieces and draping on a nebulous cage can be a..pooper scooper! But super interesting and loving it all at the same time. I think I might design everything with cages now. None of my customers will be "door people" or even "sitting people". This is fashion, people.

More pictures of hoop skirt draping, patternmaking, and construction soon.


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