Friday, September 30, 2011

Dress update: Part Four

One more week down, one to go. This time I worked on the cape/train, and hoop skirt patternwork and muslins. These went by much...slower than expected, but have yet another unexpected break this week to itemize my future work days and prepare.

Here's some things I got done...

Sleeves: when I took it off, the sleeve width was about 60 inches wide! It should look fun. Pleats from notch to notch of armscye.
draping the stabilizer for the back cape. It'll be made of cotton shiny corset coutil
Draping the shoulder of cape...

Draping the hoop: first i had to cut the steel boning (50 yards total!)
Pinned the lengthwise grain on the last hoop..
Underneath the hoop...current favorite place to hang out.

draping the skirt and making darts...

Next week I start the finishing work on the real fabric....phew! Send me good juju!

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