Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog Vacation

Last week I realized, "I haven't written on my blog in a REAL LONG time." And that's true. In the mean time a lot of personal changes have happened, and I moved into my own space! It's an adorable one bedroom close to the beach in Ballard. It's part of an amazing artist community, and like most of them, it will be knocked down in a few years for condos. However, I got a bike, have been reveling in riding my bike in the few days of sun, can walk to downtown ballard, and am building my living room as my work space for my line and art.

I'm currently hanging shelves, organizing, and building a sewing/cutting table for my space. My school uses these tables and it's ingenious! For a tutorial on building this on table, here's a students tutorial:

(I made mine out of pastel pink canvas instead of natural. teehee!)

In the meanwhile, I've been playing with my mom's manual SLR and here's some pictures of my space.

My kitchen and found world silkscreened tapestries fit perfectly..
My record collection and display..
My workspace moodboard..
Kitchen dumbwaiter full of ceramic cupcakes, vitamins, glass beaded fruit, shells, and a plastic baby fetus..
A little blurry, but here's a mannequin hand that Adam bought for me in Chicago. It helps me turn my light on.

More pictures coming soon. I gotta go teach draping now!