Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, same goals, more accomplishments...

...were my thoughts exactly!

Here in Seattle we have gotten a light dusting of snow and for some reason this year, I actually am enjoying it. I'm stuck in my apartment, am forced to work on sewing projects, have time to cook, bake and clean, can walk to work and all errands, and am feeling really visually stimulated right now (besides a little shut in!).

If you are walking around Downtown Ballard, walk past NYFA and see my New Years window display I have rearranged the designs, skirts, fake fruit, added lights, fake cats, etc. since this picture was taken and will be taken down veeeerrry soon!

Here are some other catch-ups this past holiday season:

Adam bought me this Swarovski Crystal and gold ring by Alexis Bittar and am still absolutely in love with it! Sparkle, large, gold, and with an organic/shell design? BAH!
Before Christmas, my favorite miniatures, Tamara Yurkanin (of Pacific Science Center and Tamara Yurkanin Designs..) and her daughter, my soul sister- Lucia, came to my apartment, picked me up, and did our annual Swanson's nursery and northern wild animal viewing. It was nice!
I have been obsessed with making my own tinctures for years now. (It's really easy just google it, or ask Martha!) All time favorite flavors created are these, which we made for my parents:
Festive Whiskey for the Dad-Orange/Raisin/Cinnamon/Tahitian Vanilla bean (my favorite flavor) and an all year around mixer for Momma-Blueberry/Cinnamon/Tahitian Vanilla vodka...

One of Adam and I's favorite dinners...HOMEMADE VEGGIE SUSHI NIGHT!

This time I picked out a starchy vegetable as a side. I found it at Uwajimaya, and had been obsessing over it on cooking shows. It's often a side nibbler, or incorporated as an "Aperitif" when deep fried and paired with things. I forgot the name of it (of course) but are those round-holed star things. Tasted remarkably like a potato chip. Fancy.
Winter is also a time to eat pork and sausage gravy for breakfast. We went The Blue Glass yesterday, watched the snow fall, talked about moral issues, and just nommed. Every single breakfast I have gone out to in the past couple months (Ballard mostly) I have been disappointed in. But the Blue Glass on 65th in Ballard totally changed that! Their cheesy potato grits were to die for as well.....

That is all for now. When I snap pics of my latest custom projects (I'm really excited about them!) I will show and tell. Interestingly enough I am making more boy clothes at the moment......

so what, I'm talking about food on my fashion line blog, making BOY CLOTHES (ewwwww! cooties!) and nonstop listening to talk radio??? Who am I? I don't know. Only 2012 does.

Ciao lovelies, and Happy New Year!


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