Sunday, March 18, 2012

Joy the Baker book signing and Tracy from Shutterbean...

Hello all!

(a little snap from when I modeled for the Project Pink Fashion show for Lady Konnyaku in February...loved dressing up! I felt so HA-T!)

Anyways, How have you been?

With Seattle weather pretty manic (but still mostly grey and rainy) I find myself getting colds, crafting indoors more lately, and making my apartment prreettttty (maybe?) to look at. Since it is up for demolition in a few years I have taken new ways of expanding my painting and acrylic skills on more....interesting (and free!) canvas'. Painting and drawing was my first true creative love, and dipping back into it is great!

I've also been working at a skirt for this contest....but having troubles with it. blergh.
But really folks, down to the exciting stuff...

One of my lovely STOOODENTS, Rachel Farquharson, and I were trading favorite pod casts awhile back and she told me about the "Joy the Baker" podcast. Alas! I downloaded it, and loved it immediately. Joy Wilson and Tracy Benjamin are truly funny, charming, Renaissance ladies that I love listening to (usually while sewing or baking for the week) and am now addicted to their blogs and recipes.

Luckily for Rachel and I, Joy wrote a book with all sorts of good recipes and had a book signing with Tracy and pals at my friend's adorable cupcake themed shop, Cakespy...on St. Patty's day! Either way, any excuse to go there and visit Natalie, Jessie, and stare at cute/creepy cupcakes and characters...I'm down.

After class, we hopped on the 18, got up there, waited for approximately 45 minutes, I downed a protein shake to ensure maximum blood sugar levels, met other super blog ladies in line, and met the gals! Here's my picture with Joy:

(As you can tell, I wasn't excited, at all. Totally froze up just like I did when I met Betsey Johnson!)

Unfortunately I haven't bought her book yet but made her a Millie Vixen Mod Podge composition notebook of her own...Mainly so she can have a chuckle at "Paula's" tan tan face, scribble some notes, dream about know, whatever.

Rachel made Joy a super cute floral headband, which I know is super cute because I have one too!
Oddly enough, she wrapped it in similar vintage map paper. Birds of a feather, really.

I also made Tracy some Millie Vixen white leaf drop earrings that rang so true to her style and cute hair cut that she just had to mix and match with her contrasting color style. She was super rad to chat with! I still find it weird/strange to talk about myself or talk myself up...especially with women who I respect and know so much about! but...practice I guess.

After, Rachel and I were giggly, enjoyed the sun, did some Capitol Hill shopping, and went to Blick art store to continue with some future crafts of ours (Spray paint for me....images coming soon! and textile paints for her..)

An overall a great inspirational lady day.


(P.S. I love Ellips'!)

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