Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Designer Sample and Vintage, and Fabric Sale!


I am finally getting rid of some of my older designer samples, vintage clothes, vintage fabrics, notions, patterns...I have really been hoarding some cool stuff. Now it is time to give these cute and wacky items a new home! My second home and favoritest green and brown bulding ,(yes, NYFA!) is hosting this sale:

Here's some more information from our facebook invite:

Are you interested in the biggest, cutest, vintage and designer sale (on Cinco de Mayo weekend) ever?? That's right, I thought so...


Saturday, 5/5/2012 from 10am-3pm
Sunday, 5/6/2010 from 10am-3pm

Whether you want to get some unique, one of a kind fabric or supplies for your yourself, a future project, a crafty gal (or GUY!) friend, or just want to support your local designers and artists, STOP BY!

New Designer fabrics (ie high quality but totally reasonably priced) and samples along with an amazing amount of vintage fabric and notions for sale from the New York Fashion Academy (we've been keeping some real treasures in the back!).....We also have high end and local designer sample garments and accessories priced to sell to you, the lovely public.

You will be able to buy fabric by the yardage along with one of a kind and vintage pieces. INSTANT GRATIFICATION!

Some vendors include:

-Fabulous vintage, fabric, and samples from Candace Cantaloupe
-Wacky and wonderful vintage clothes and accessories from Millie Vixen designer samples and accessories, and some from Camille Goodman's own personal collection..
-Neat-o designs from one of our own students, Alex of Metal Artisan Studios
-Fabrics from Victoria's Bridal

For more information about the school and event check out our site:

or if you have further questions, contact us at: or by phone at:

(206) 352-2636

Bring your mom and your kooky aunt. Drag your boyfriend along. Make it a ladies coffee/shopping date. Get outta the crowds of the Ballard Farmer's market....We would love to see and socialize with you and your friends! 

Feel free to email me at for any other questions about this sale or particular items in it. If you want a piece of one of my past collections,  it might just be there! 

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