Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring project update!

Hello All!

Here's some projects and inspirations I've been working on:

Finished my first tailor jacket. The first khacki/beige thing I've ever made! (besides muslins of course...)
 Outside is made of a middle-weight italian wool, and  lining is printed pink silk charmuese with  tan, gold , blue and green floral and gold chain accents...I can't get away from color! It feels super dreamy on and is custom fitted for me....with my nick name on the under collar! Next plan is to make a matching fitted mini pencil skirt to look like a "grown-ass business lady"...More pictures in a photoshoot soon! 
 My beautiful and fellow hobbyist friend Masha helped me dive into spray painting...I always liked the aesthetic but didn't want to dive into another hobby without trying it out I'm addicted and have a whole corner of my apartment with organization items, boxes, shelving, and items just waiting to be spray painted! My favorite is this lace stencil'll be seeing it more in my style soon...
 My friend Blake of swagger cosmetics gave me a whole bunch of professional make up and bright colors to play with....every day I feel up to it, I incorporate some new lip, cheek, or eye color to vary up my look....LOVE IT! Current favorite is a clean face and eye, bright cheek (orange or hot pink) and a black/purple lip. Really brings out my green eyes.

Realization alert: Professional products and high pigment content really DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 
 A crafty girl day with one of my oldest and dearest friends Riley Norman turned into this fun spring head piece...can't wait to use it in a photo shoot or with a spring dress and ballet flats on a sunny day! 
 love this hat and large houndstooth pattern...even the color combo! saw this in a NYLON and think it could be great for guys and girls...
 Also did this alteration for my favorite tranny Blake ...originally a long length Nicole Miller fancy dress, and now draped up a bit....shorter is always better! 

Also, I had my fabric and vintage sale! I was so happy to see my friends come and support me and the school. Thank. you. guys. Were talking about having another in the late summer with more of a designer sample focus with some local people....good idea? Any questions or suggestions shoot me an email! I'd love to

The sun is coming out and I am loving this vitamin D!! 

CIAO, lovelies..

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