Monday, July 23, 2012

Millie Vixen and wizards, oh my!

Hello Summer beauties!

I have been busy with alterations and customs this spring/summer let me TELL YOU!

But this time, I  bring you the most magical update yet. I was commissioned from a couple of friends to make these great wizard capes. This is the first.

 This is my friend Bubba! He is a great art installer, music enthusiast, cookie monster, and beach buddy.
 Outside is black corduroy, with a fur trim around the hood. Inside is a universe printed cotton.
 This is a little whale friend. Eventually he will have something to say!
 Fur-trimmed hood. nicely matching the beard.

 Mr. James, the other wizard.
Action shot!
 Pocket liner and inside
  invisible pockets and flower
 (I suggested this hiding but missed the epic exit)
 Up close

Thanks Bubz, it was a super fun project and hope you're rocking this number at your String Cheese event!

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