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It's been so long since I've posted! Let me catch you up. 

My end of summer:

My boy and I this summer at a friends wedding.  This season has been big for us personally.  I'm wearing my favorite Millie Vixen dress! 
 Malia's friend Karaoke sparkler party
 malia spelt her name out! 
 (buy some of her amazing fashions at! See her tonight on Seattle TV!
 Cory, aka Corr dogg, dressed up like an amazing pink barbie and did some cool sparkler dance shots with me!)
no description necessary. hahaha! Malia and I.

Mid September my bestie and I, Candace, took an amazing serendipitous opportunity to go to St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands the week before fall quarter started. Her mom, Miss Anita, lives there so we got the ULTIMATE HOOK UP! The end of summer always bums me out a little bit. I savour the few hot days/weeks per year  in the Pacific Northwest we get and this year we had very few.   

Anywho, St. Croix was an amazing time I will truly never forget and has shaped me since.  I have never had so much amazing life experience (good and bad!) while being in such a physically beautiful place with beautiful people surrounding me.  I still have such vivid color stories, and early turn of the century dutch architecture in beautiful easter egg colors (while most in "vintage" shanty conditions) swirling around in my conscious. Candace also is quite knowledgable in a lot of things, including plant life, but studied zoology at WWU as well. I truly fell in love with tropical nature and the underwater ecosystem. We were constantly nerding out and being total little kids while running in and out of the ocean multiple to several times a day.

 Coming in on a sea plane..

 These were taken right after our day and a half of travel. Girl needs some DRY SHAMPOO!! 
 our view and own beach front..
 "meow meows", our wild  every once and awhile house cat (who later punches me in the face on camera when I tried to pick him up!)
 Our first meal there with Miss anita.
 toldja this cat punched me in the face. (real reaction with mascara'a'runnin. PURETTY! hahaha)
 I will save you on the rest of the dozens of sunsets that I have pictures of. But they were gorgeous
 My ceiling. I loved it.  I wanted to paint things in between the panels.
 Sea shells we snorkeled for outside our reef and beach.
 My favorite Kryptonite coral I found.
 This book sucked. sorry, guys.  My journal underneath. I wrote. SO. much. I was so inspired.
 So many wonderful color stories still in my mind. 
 Nashbah showed us the way of eating fresh coconut. And from our yard! His hatchet was awesome.
 My new favorite fruit. Atemoya. If you ever have the chance, DO IT. the inside when ripe is like a lightly sweet custard. An Atemoya cream pie is my DREAM PIE!
This was right before we kayaked on the salt river (on last night possible!) and swam in bioluminescent plankton and jelly fish. We looked like Angels in the water apparently!! I will never. forget. that. night.  I hope to do it again many more times in my life.

GAD I love her! hahaha. We just looked at this house full of fruit bats at the St. George Botanicals (so beautiful!) when I needed to take a picture and have her hold my coke and sunglasses. Then she got bitten by some red fire ants

 Crazy amazing vivid plant life. 

 this was when we saw the "Moca jambi's", the cultural super tall mystical ghost characters of the island. In all actuality these men stand on stilts, dance, have amazing upper body strength, and you dance and pass under them and hand them dollars for good luck. Pretty cool to see!
I have weird long arms. My style here ended up paired down to moisturizer, a bikini, braids and the smallest clothes I had. I was constantly either lizardly moist with humidity, or wet from ocean water and showers. 

 Wild horses just hang out on the side of the road in the upper rainforest areas?
 Our Miami hotel when we had our flight canceled and stayed there...for four hours.  Surprisingly beautiful and so Art Deco-y! 
Also, Candace graduated after her amazing ballgown presentation!. And this were her gift from Katy Flyn! :)  Here are some photos from that night below!
 Celebrating at the good ol' Keel with Candace Canteloupe, Lady Konnyaku, and Tonay
NYFA TRIPOD (Yes, Candace made her hat!)
 Her self portrait makes us all so happy!

I did Candace's make up for the presentation, and though she's already gorg, we got to get crazy with her eye brows and contouring.  It turned out so well! I got to practice and it is always a fun time.  Tiffany Schuck (our amazing VAIN Hairstylist down the street!) did her extensions and hair.
 Doin' her make up!
 back in action!
 My torso and half smile, and my beautiful momma. She didn't wanna be in any pictures, but too bad.
 The grading by Robert Whaley
 With one of my favorite local designers Amanda at!)
 She made her hat! 
 She made her shoes too! This is a green silk crepe. so gorg! 


 And this is how much I love these guys.  This series makes me laugh everytime. I hope you do too. If any techy person knows how to make a gif, this would be an awesome christmas gift for me. 
 (I love katy in the background...Who? Meeee??? see her work at

In other newer personal style news: 

I got my first pair of Lita's and am officially in love!

My super hero daywear: Tights found in bellingham with vintage St. John sweater mini..

I'm getting Blonder and less Red! It has been a fun transition since lightening up in St Croix, and having a new hair stylist Lindsay Brabank (Beautiful AND Genius I tell you!!!). She is at Hazel Salon across from the Woodland Park Zoo. 

Us girls say, "Happy Holidays everyone!" More project related  updates soon when I actually have some more down time to upload all my camera photos and such. 

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