Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter times

Heelloo 2013! 

This year, I have some goals...But here's what I've done so far towards the end of 2012.  
First of all, I got completely organized in my new living and work space. I have cohabitated with the boy! It's great and are making quite the cute places!  I got a label maker. Yes, I've labeled my living room. It's nice! 

Exhibit 1: Food items such as homemade pie crust and struedel
Window and cute shade mom made me (but I don't take care of so welll :/ blerrghh
shelves with cute things on them

and here's our second apartment for our hobbies and products:

My sewing/hobby space empty
The blurry sewing area
My "working" area and table.  
The fabric area
Christmas presents:
I made these tall grocery bags for a lot of the loved ones for christmas. This one is a quilted vintage floral and bird knit with vintage inspired cotton liner. I made it for  Adam's sister because I knew she loves vintage like I do! 

These are 100% reversible, and I customized each person's to their style. My friend Candace made the pattern, and i loved my sailor one so much, she graciously let me make copies! 


(If you want a custom one, email me!)

 A few years back, I was lucky enough to be the "panty-picker upper" for the Atomic bombshells and some of Lily Verlaine's shows at the triple door...(Verna Vermillion...hee heeeee!) Kitten La Rue asked if I could make her a cape for her newest Christmas show "Homo for the Holidays" and here it is! 

up close collar

3/4 length

 2nd version of how you can wear collar...(more russian inspired)
 another way..
 Back fur collar + gold details
and I made this cover for these amazing wings by J Von Stratton! I'm going to leave it at that (and not reveal what's underneath!) That's what burlesque is all about, right? 
 I got to see them in action, and am amazed at how great show was!  If you haven't seen it, make sure to mark the show "Homo for the Holidays" on your calendar for xmas2013! 

Here's some other things I did:

 Casey Sagisi finished his Ballgown and presented in December..He did an amazing job and  was "Super Fierce"! 

  I went out with some fun friends...
 Casey and Art Star
 Malia represented her line at the Pretty Parlor fashion show in December and looked BOMB!

NYFA had a Christmas Karaoke party and it was fabulous!
"The Cories"

Yeah, we slow danced.
 (Jason Arrington made me these red pants...they are the pants of my dreams.)

The Holidays were great, but I'm ready to move forward and do some big things this year!..


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