Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest outfits

I have recently given up on posting pictures on  I posted something that sounds like this on facebook already but really do have nothing against that website. I was just having trouble living up to the photographic standards and rules that now dominates that site. It was more frustrating for me, just took too much time (despite having a nice camera?) and is NOT a super crucial part of my marketing or business yet. Something for everyone, right?  So now I'm just going to do periodic style updates (when I remember..hee!) such as THIS:

This was my outfit for my Galentines day craft party: a vintage short (by short I mean..I'm pretty sure this is made for a little boy) checkered collared shirt, my tailored style dark jeans, and Adam's reversible bow tie...naturally!
(OMG one of my favoritest silly pictures of the night! Candace and I)
Adam built me this Vanity, I am stoked to start taking great outfit pictures with this set up! What do you think?
For Chrismas I got these leggings, this is my favorite thriftstore panda sweater, and my spiked Lita's with some bow tie spats attached.
(I'm still working out the kinks on taking picture with my vanity!)
Jason Arrington's Red Silk Crepe pants:

Jason made me these red pants and I have been loving them this year. With my red heart belt and various complementing tops they are super powerful!

My good buddies Chris and Masha opened up their own tattoo shop and I am so excited for them! 

And here's what I wore to their opening!

Lady Konnyaku furry hat, Black leather dolman jacket, Picasso for Escada (circa 1980's), favorite thrift leggings and my thigh high ruffled stiletto boots! Geeze, what a mouthful.
 Beautiful Masha!

 I found this cute emo boy with no tattoos. Like the only one here.

Oh hello Chris!!

OH, that's it for now. Goodbye guys! 

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