Monday, March 4, 2013

Lindsay's vintage inspired jacket

So, I met this rad laday, Lindsay Brabank, who's a hairdresser at hazel salon, conveniently located by my ballard neighborhood,  and we have collaborated! She made my hair look like this:

I'm loving going with a blonder, more layered look for the moment! Gives me some future Special Effects pastel color ideas too! 

In return I made her this:

She asked for a sweatshirt/sweater with a translucent hood-I gave her some color palette options and she picked this one! I was so excited, because this was my favorite combo as well. I really dug mixing the vintage prints on this one but maintaining the same hues. The liner is vintage inspired 100% cotton on lapel, under collar, and inside for comfort. The outside is true blue vintage materials that I got when I was a youngster and have been saving for years. I finally found a project and person that could truly appreciate the uniqueness of the garment! 

 I bought these buttons in New York and are shell with a plastic coating. I have been coveting them for a couple years now, but Thought they matched so well with this motif!

 Wild liner! (Cannot see from outside!)

 This hood is made out of some drapery material I collected when I worked at a drapery shop.  Linds always has interesting things happening with her hair, make up, and tattoos and this will complement it nicely!
I really loved how it turned out! What do you think?

-Cami G. 


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    1. Thanks Tonay! I had some people in my life think it was a little wild, but I think Lindsay and I are kind of color soul mates. I totally saw her in this. I can't wait to see your creations tony! It's time to start making mistakes on some muslins and getting really mad at your machine! :)

  2. (PS..sorry to all who are offended by my St. Croix naked sandy boy clenched butt cheek postcard! But how can you hate something so 80's, silly, and nostalgic?)