Friday, March 29, 2013

Painted Instruments,outfits, fabric fixations!

Hello Folks! 

First, High Voltage music did an event for Capitol Hill's Thursday art walk with an event supporting musicians! Adam and I spray painted a keyboard for the event and it was our first art collaboration together! 

This was ours in progress!

This was my favorite! Pam rhinestoned it!

This cutie works at High Voltage! She made this^..Question..Am I only getting laid because I'm in a band?
Adam's bass pedal

I modeled for NYFA'S Second Satursday art walk Fashion Show preview for this year's students. 
I ended up modeling for Marisa Rockett, who's making some cool rockin duds! 

Buy tickets and see more great stuff! I'm really impressed with this group of students this year and tickets are going fast!
I've been out dancing at some fun events lately! First, Francie and I went to an aerialist/dance party in Sodo. I met her friends Naomi (we had a dance off as she left and is so rad!) and Brett, a super sweetie and great dancer!
This was my marching band/carnival outfit with black spiked Litas. Had to get colorful for Mardi Gras. I got some beads but luckily won them for my dance moves!

More recently us "eighties spring breakers" danced at..El Corazon? to Har Mar Superstar and had a great time! CITY LIFE. JAZZ HANDS! If you haven't heard of him, please youtube his music videos!

And in MVM Studio news, I got EVEN MORE ORGANIZED! It's kind of a sick obsession, but  I have never had a work space with enough Shelving and square footage to be able to look at all my fabrics at once! (favorite ones out, most in huge tubs to dig through) My awesome cousin Lacey gave me her old Dania glass book shelves!  So here are gratuitous pictures of neatly folded piles of fabric! 
 Small yardage vintage prints and cottons

 Cotton prints
Jersey knits
 "neutral" cottons and upholstery fabrics
 Red and pink cottons
 Houndstooths/stripes/graphic prints
 Printed cotton blues
 Yellow and gold prints

This last one is my stash-of all my favorite small yardage vintage prints that I have been saving for years because they are so adorable and special! "When I have time" I will make myself some blouses and dresses with them. 
And what did I learn about my fabric aesthetic while organizing these? Dark and solid colored fabrics be damned! 80% of my stock is light or brightly patterned or striped in some sort of way. I guess I just can't get away from a good print! I love being able to see all my options and feeling so organized. You know what my last step is? TWO WORDS: Label Maker. 

Message me if you like any of these fabrics or have a project in mind. I can give more details and all are up for grabs for a price. They have been carefully collected over the past 8-10 years from thriftstores, garage and estate sales, and the drapery shop I worked at!

Happy Spring time, y'all!