Friday, March 8, 2013

Sale times at the Georgetown Trailer Mall!

Heeellooo fellow friends and lovers of trailer parks! 

I invite you to come see one of the cutest (OK. only cute) mall!

A friend Keenan Dowers, has a new partnership going on at Clocharde, their super cute mini trailer boutique that will be showing  THIS weekend at the Second Saturday Art Walk!

If you visit them, You'll also see some of my super sale dresses,  mainly skirts, and tops (perfect for spring, So many bright colors!), as well as 6 of my bags I've been making lately. Here's a sneak peak. Contact Keenan or I if you want one of these in particular.

unicorn love pencil skirt. I embroidered this years ago. 

 Top-find more springy and appliqued and embroidered skirts and dresses at the shop!
 favoritest bag so far! I found this printed corduroy at the Value Village when I was shopping with my former student and Stranger writer, Marti Jonjak
 supah dupah rainbow print I have been saving a long time and is a vintage reproduction print!

On a side note, My cousin Jenny George, threw a surprise party for her son and Atticus! They are both super sweeties and I am glad to be related and live so close to them. Atty turned 18, there was a surprise party at the new "Von Trapps" that has german food and bocce ball, and it was great! Here are a few photos.

 My outfit

Thanks and ciao lovelies! 

-cami g

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