Friday, May 24, 2013

Holy floral updates!

Because Washingtonians spend so much time talking about weather, and use it to good use when it shows up, I thought I'd join suit!  This random sunshine, rain, and watering has really done some good with my tiny garden!  Watching plants flourish instead of watching them and my $$ die is new to me! And super rewarding.

You can check out to see some of the progress from a little over a month ago! 

Here are some floral porn:

This iris popped outta no wear in this awesome mexican pot that was given to me. Thanks Brenda (former inspirational porch gardener) and Chris!



 Lettuce! Will go in my stomach!  
I found this porcelain foot at a local estate sale. When I found it I was so overjoyed the lady gave it to me! (AND was totally weirded out when I told her I collect fake body parts and usually display them around my house. mmm..yeah. no seriously thanks lady!) 

 I didn't even know what a delphinium looked like before I bought the plant, but it has grown quite tall and can't wait for all the flowers to bloom! 
 End of the poppies...
This poppy plant has different colored flowers (yellow, red, coral, orange) from one plant! What the heck! I had no idea when I bought it (it was half dead on the sale rack!) and have never seen that before. If you know more info about this specifc plant, please share! Every time I walk past it, I am more delighted by it.
This little group of buds surprised me! When the white flowers were in bloom they looked a lot like the burgundy-ish "smoke" trees around here except white.
I fell in love with this pansy when I saw it! Orange/purpe and red/purple are one of my favorite color combinations. I always remember my little italian Nana chastizing me for pairing those together all the time. It always made me laugh! When I inherited her clothes years ago I got no purple or orange outfits.

Container Gardens are awesome. 

Enjoy Memorial weekend all! 

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