Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mid sixties and it's Spray paint time!

I covet those days where it's neither too cold, too windy or hot for spray painting. Monday was one of those days.  Here's some progress:

This is soon to be the frame for our sign out front! I found this amazing hand carved wood frame at the old lady thriftstore in ballard. I always imagined black and love how it turned out. I think I might make it glossy...what do you think?

This hat I respray painted black because of sun damage. My lovely drag mother, Kindra, gave it to me before she left for New York years ago and I finally have an occasion to wear it! It will be dressed up a bit with some feathers and roses and vintage ribbon!   I have a VERY important tea date with some of my favorite ladies this sunday! ;) Pictures to come.

My camera box got golder:

This is my first test of fabric that I made! I used a layering painting technique (I practiced on some graphic photo prints you'll see below) and like the way it turned out! I'll be washing it and seeing how the fabric paint works on this greyish-beige cotton.   I have always dreamed of being a print/fabric designer so this is possibly one option for early manufacturing :) 

These paper prints will most likely turn into cards, hang tags, or business cards. I wanted to test out different colors, fabrics, and layering techniques, while also trying using my my stock of old sturdy magazines and paper products I really don't need around. If you like on in particular let me know! 

^one of my faves!

Favorites layers and babes below:

This was my favorite print of the day. I might even just frame it for myself or a friend! 

Questions: millievixen@gmail.com

Ciao, all! 

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