Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mom's day and a Peter Pan Party

Hello All!

Did you thank or celebrate a mother that you like and know this year? You should've, There's a lot of great ones out there! 

 For mine, I made her another one of her own jersey tank dress, whatever she wants it to be! Her last was floral with cut outs, but this tiffany blue number is my favorite so far! It has a little different wide rounded dolman sleeves, on the back-curved points and shapes cut out. I also made her some "Earth Mother" earrings with some hand painted wooden beads with suns, kitties, and angel wings (she likes those..)

love you mom! 

NOW, I generally don't go to too many parties, but I heard this Peter Pan costume party for Alaina's birthday was going to be bangin! I have done a few corset alterations for her,  including one for Alaina's "Wendy" costume for this party!

The vintage dress alteration for Alaina:

I loved the back! And her necklace styling was superb.

I'm a disney "Lost boy" along with Adam..
(onesie with feeties, bear ears and furry feet..see movie image) 
 ..which was itself "lost" on many party goers resulting in being "Thing 1 & 2", or characters from Northern exposure for most of the night. Well! I guess you can't win them all.

The Place was decorated gorgeously! 

One of the gracious hosts, Rob

 Great confetti cupcakes
sooooooomany pirates

I liked this guy. I had him put his eye patch on his soul patch.
Exactly, Alaina.

This was definitely PG 13, but I'll let you fill in the blurry blanks

As the night grew, my images kept getting "artsier" (ie blurrier) due to hating my flash and needing to play around with settings on my super fancy camera in darker places.  But I'm glad I brought it! I loved all the thought that went into the planning and decorating. Thanks for inviting me, Alaina!

With no new custom projects coming up I am excited for change in product, I'll post more about it soon!

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