Thursday, June 27, 2013

Millie Vixen in the Stranger's Queer Issue!

It's been hard to keep this under wraps, but this weekend is going to be quite exciting!  Seattle's Pride parade and festivities this weekend are going to be fun and so celebratory (especially with recent headlines!)..and I am so thankful the Stranger asked me to be a small part of their 2013 Queer Issue! 

See one of my besties looking beautiful as a paper doll in Marti Jonjak's, "Cut out for Queers" article! I loved Paper dolls as a kid and now I got to create a garter for Malia (Lady Konnyaku) to model as well! 

Here's an up close shot:

"Camille Goodman of Millie Vixen's hearts and spikes garter is a nice balance of cute and raunchy: "I've been playing around with blood spatters on faux upholstery leather lately, so I knew that would be perfect for the bow," says Goodman. She embellished the look with vintage lace and fake red pearls. "I get most of my supplies from estate sales," she says, and here she often encounters fellow shoppers with similar aesthetics. "They tend to be gaudy, older ladies, and like me, they're not exactly so into the real stuff." Info:"

 Details: Spikes, black tuxedo style stripes. A hand made heart with little spikes. Vintage lace and fake splattered white leather. The grommets are for adjustable lacing corset style lacing for some added sexiness in the back. I wanted to add more metal chains but it became too heavy and just fell off! I guess there can be TOO much...? huh?

(Most of my accessories and certain garments are made with re-purposed costume jewelry, and vintage items or fabrics-Just ask for details if you're curious!)

Wanting this or another weird/cute custom garter yourself? Talk to me!

Thanks again to Marti, and pick up a copy of the stranger. I can't wait to play paper dolls again with people I know! (That hamburger dress and hair? I die.)

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