Friday, June 14, 2013

Nature and Design update!

Here's what I've been up to lately:

BBQ's and sundresses

(Isn't this vintage jumper just fabulous? This owner , Tara, OWNS ITT!)

 Oh hi lindsay! I like your house!

My growing little container garden

 (Purple basil? oh sure, why not.)

 My Delphinium is at it's peak right now! It also has pastel lavender highlights!)

I'm making the block patterns for my upcoming new line of dresses and seperates for women. I'm excited to REALLY finally get rolling on this process. For now I'm only doing Small, Medium, and large..but that gives me quite enough pattern work to and fittings to do over the next month! 

(one of my future LBD designs to be made in woven and stretch knits!..S,M, and L)

Working on different fabric painting techniques to give more variety and uniqueness to future designs and to possibly sell by the yard. I personally dig this blood splatter on white leather and this  white checkered cotton. (I think Rachel, Game of thrones and my handwriting analysis of criminals book has inspired me!

This technique took way too long-but I love the result. I hand painted silk screen paint with a fine brush and did polka dots around these bows on some mustard poly crepe. 1 yard took me 4 hours!! I don't know if I'll do it again. But it was an experiment that turned out nicely, so I'll have to do small bags with it or something!

Gotta keep the designs under wrap, but so excited to show you all soon! 

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