Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Times and Show Previews

This summer has been lovely here in Seattle! 

I have been busy working on SAM's first thursday fashion show (September 5th, 7pm!) inspired by the exhibit (links in my last blog post!)  I am working on some interesting conceptual designs I've had in my brain for awhile, but never had the opportunity/event/excuse to present them! The 'SAM: 30 years of japanese fashion' exhibit inspired me so much, and I could definitely see parallels between them. Now is the TIME!   I am putting together models, make up artists, which is always exciting and crazy. I enjoy the pattern making process most and am draping and finishing up patterns now. It such a validated process!

After the J Fashion workshop at SAM, Candace and I helped Malia (of Lady Konnyaku) with! It was so much fun!

I made this crazy big fabric silk rose hat for my friend Kindra years ago. She still rocks it!! It makes me so happy. Since she has moved to New York and become wildly famous with her creative twinning Daughters of Devotion
 I also got to see my friend Blake, above, lead lady at Swagger Cosmetics in July too! 

SAM previews of some of draping! 

That's it for now. I'll be busily sewing up muslins, making accessories, and sewing down lots of hand draping until the end of August!


  1. I'm getting really excited to see this stuff in person

    1. THANKS CATIE!! I really appreciate your continued (and stylish) support. My overall look and accessories should be pretty insane and conceptual, but my clothing items are.....pretty so far!? When someone says, "you can literally make anything you want"'s so inspiring/intimidating!! Let me know after the show if you want to borrow or do the collab thing finally!