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Community Night Out, Millie Vixen at SAM's Future Beauty Fashion Show

 SAM invited NYFA students and alumni to present inspired looks by their exhibit "Future Beauty" and Japanese fashion for this event. September 5th came and went so fast! When making pieces, I always think about the entire development of characters, and I definitely see individuality in each one for this show.  I drew inspiration from japanese folklore, Rei Kawakubo's draping style, and the interesting line and aesthetic of the exhibit.  I wanted these looks to be thought provoking, a little creepy and weird. Judging by the reception and facebook comments, I think I succeeded! :)

I could not have pulled these characters off without the amazing make up skills of Casey Felix and Sean Grant.  Casey Felix is a freelance make up artist and entreprenuer! You can find her on facebook at  Sean helped her out last minute and brought his neat-o  air brush machine.   He even had time to my make up! THANK GOD. I loved looking at all their amazing products neatly organized in their kits. They were such an asset to my team and can't wait to work with them both again! 



My First Look

Studio Shots by Chaucer Wells Photography


This look isn't as easy to put on as it looks, folks. ha! This vintage knit is draped and handsewn over a steel boned herringbone/black cotton coutil corset. Skirt and details are blue and green suede the different lacing is cut and pieced all over.  Floral and feather wreath paired with vintage gold chain face necklace by Millie Vixen as well. Model is Holly Hodson.  You might've seen her performing ballet, or as Holly Pop in one of Miss Lily Verlaine's presents burlesque events!

Second Look: Yuki-onna: 

Studio Shots by Chaucer Wells Photography

Do you know the story of Yuki-onna?  It really struck a chord with me in the design process and lately I have been playing with fabric painting, splatter fabric. and piecing of textiles. I  thought I'd also incorporate this with this look. 

The silhouette and pattern is based on circles on the body. The headpiece is hand beaded, painted, and part of a garter featured on this blog, and in the Stranger's 2013 Queer Issue! Model is Kay Whitney, a beauty I met through my friend Blake! She is an actress here in Seattle and did such a fantastic job!

The shoes were vintage white kitten heels with a white bow on front. I pieced some beaded lace (from bodice) onto the heel and aesymmetrically front of her shoe.

Skeleton Look:

Studio Shots by Chaucer Wells

The, by far, most interesting make up look! This dress originally was about replicating the lines of ribs on fabric.  

Black jersey dress draped and fully hand sewn. Tie closures at back. Pearl strands are also hand sewn to front to create a skeletal detail. Inspired by Kuniyoshi's famous Skeleton Spectre painting.  The jacket is pleated around armscye  and back is ruched in polka dot organza. Large Black silk velvet bow train.

Brittany is one of my great students, and asked her to model for me. I don't think she had any idea at first what was in store for her! She is such a natural beauty, it was fun to think about her look almost completely opposite!

The Baby Doll

Studio Shots by Chaucer Wells

Remember this hoop skirt? hee hee! One part of my ballgown I did in November 2011. You can see it in past posts!

Pieced leather and organza shoulder-ette and cotton plaid scoop neck top made out of repurposed vintage materials.  Black high waisted underwear under black and white polka dot silk organza and velvet steel boned hoop skirt.

I found this model, Jessica Starling, working at Shiku, one of my favorite sushi places in ballard. I loved her look, style, and confidence, and turns out, is quite the performer. She rocked the hoop skirt far better than I did. Watch out for her Seattlites! 

 I love this baby doll make up look don't you?  I made her leather/jewelry/ and velvet bow with her awesome head/hair in mind. I think it works perfect!

All of us

I also had the chance to stay up super late wednesday night to make myself a dress! (the show was on a thursday, but still so well attended! I think SAM counted 3000!)  It was nice to have a weekend off after the event though. 

Accessories and hair: My girlfriend Katy Flynn and I dyed each other's blonde hair pink before the show.  We were both super busy and found a night the week before. I thought it also went so well with the street fashion we've always wanted pink hair! It's a very bright hot pink/fuschia and has been mistaken for red since, but as you know, I love red hair! It's been great fun.

I have been saving this navy blue rayon/lurex blend I bought years ago for the perfect project. I made myself a yuki-onna dress out of this shiny goodness, but didn't attach the under skirt. I also used horsehair at the bottom to give it a sculptural edge. I feel like, with the little bit of sheen, this dress is more wearable for most, but also a little fancy! I will be putting this design up in my shop for us small busted folk! :) 

I also made myself a necklace.  Those around me at the show called it, "The david bowie" necklace--there was a long glass prism shape around a silver chain with shiny clear hexagons. After the show I was so excited I jumped up and down and it came off and shattered. haha! Of coourse. what a clutz! 

This show would not have happened without all the hard work of Terry Horlamus, the owner, mentor, and director of NYFA.  

 The amazing photographers used were Bret Doss, fashionista Catie Beatty, Adam and my photo skills on the old Nikon, and one of SAM's house photographers. Chaucer Wells did the great studio photography.  I'm excited to translate some of these designs and accessories into my ready to wear shop coming soon! 

Thank you to all who have supported me, I have ignored through different forms of media recently (really sorry!), and helped out with the show! It was quite spectacular.

 Let me know if you have any questions! Camille @

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