Monday, January 6, 2014

Millie Vixen in 2014

Hey Everybody! 

 Well, the holidays were quite a doozy! I had some good times staying cozy in my apartment and studio making presents for everyone, and modeled for a cool fashion show (hair above!) 

Here's one of the gifts. Vanilla, cinnamon, orange, and the lemon extracts were so easy and fun to make! 

I found this link on pinterest to the adorable idea:

 In older news: I found this interview some students at the UW did at the New York Fashion Academy in 2011! Question: Do you like reading interviews or articles of yours? Although always thankful for the opportunity and outreach, I find myself sounding like such a DWEEB! Hopefully the communication and linguistic skills will grow with age. haha!

And in new 2014 news...Millie Vixen is now on tumblr as well! My goal for this year is to most more frequent daily updates, with less words.  This is the place to find it! Subscribe or like me, yeah?

New to this blog? More ways to see me? Why the heck not. 



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