Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Material Girl and DOTV

2014 is already proving to be a more productive year than last! I am feeling better over all, and did a fun dress project for my cousin Jenny and her awesome annual Benefit.

And here was the process:

We wanted to go for instantly recognizable material girl inspiration, but acclimate it to Jenny's personal style and comfortability for the event. I also wanted her to be able to wear it after this event and have it not feel like a costume! 

lining+Stretch poly satin (matching these pinks were haaarrrrrd!)
Understitching the top edge of the strapless bodice

Finished belt from vintage Kit

The bum bow!
Rhinestones duh
The back! The bow snaps on and off at 6 different places so she can wear it with or without. 

For more up to date photos and other progress shots, check out my instagram and follow me at 

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Ben and Jenny-Ben Haley is the house photographer for these events, and does an amazing job! He did these shots below. His email is:
Classic!  I ended up making a little bow like Madonna has half way through the video, too. Adorbs.
Jenny and lovely host, Dana Bos

My cutie and I had a great time at the event, as you can see! If you haven't made it to a DOTV yet, mark your calendars for next February!

....And in case you can't wait for #tbt, here's some past DOTV's that I loved finding again!

 my baby faced boy. One of the last times he let me dress him up. boo.

I am so proud to say Beauty Entreprenuer Tiffany Lowry had me make her this custom Betty dress of her own years back. She is so stylin' and cool, I felt honored!  She also did hair and make up for this years DOTV for Jenny's Material girl look!

This year it was Bowie themed..and so fun! 
 Jenny and I (All these photos are still by Ben! Geeze, right?) 
This was one of the first times we went out together and I now consider her a bestie. Awww Candace! She is the largest Bowie fan I know. Also, thanks to Tristan Uhl for letting me borrow that Jareth wig!

Have a happy Val or Galentine's day, all! I'm FEEEELIN it this year! 

-Cami G

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