Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm baaaack

....from internet vacation, literal vacation, and working a full time contract job!  And while it seems like I haven't been busy on the interwebs, I have been making quite a lot of patterns and logging in the hours at the studio!  But first, here's New York...

 rehearsal dinner outfits
 gorgeous wedding views from the Water's Edge
 Cami G brooklyn date day
 wedding hair/rainbow brows/ millie vixen earrings and dress!
 Made this custom dress for myself.  I just couldn't find any that were appropriate for a wedding, or that I liked in my price range. 
This is my Knit Yuki dress sample that I designed awhile back. Every time I wear it I get more compliments on it and requests, so for this trip I thought I'd really test it out.
My gal pal Sooz that I've missed so much! She went to fashion school with me here in Ballard but now has an amazing creative design job in NY. Super proud and happy for her. On memorial day, we got to day drink and play though :) 
The back. When I'm home  I wear it unbelted but like personally defining my waist more. We were in Brooklyn Heights with friends going to the park.
 These are some of the Yuki dresses I've been making since I've gotten back. I got this black cotton jersey and this pink rosette jersey in the fashion district. Expect these online soon! I am designing the site this week+weekend! 

Super excited about this real busy next chapter in my life and business, and excited to share all this vintage fabric and materials (as garments and accessories) that I've been hoarding all these years! Hopefully you will find a piece that is all you....and you can help me pay rent! 

Chat soon, again, for more daily updates or email me at

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