Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summertime in Seattle

 As I turn 26,  life seems to fly by and never is quite what I expect it to be. However, I'm
 doing tons of photography, reading quite a bit this summer, and shifting into a more self-motivated career path! Here's whats been happening in photos (in no particular order) :

Super inspired by the Mattawa mountains on highway 243 everytime we pass by going east. These shots of my Yuki dresses will be on the upcoming website!
RIP my Platies Spock and Geordi. My vintage animals and 3 month old plastic fetus hung out on their last weeks.
 Hanging out with color coodinated babes and bands.
 Farm times

 (Did I mention how much I love spiders?)

 Pasco's feed corn fields

a favorite space
 Pretty Boy Baby Blue
 Playful-est babay
This was a test shot. haaaaa
 Burning man capes with LED's
 Birthday celebrations at the conservatory
Candace Cantaloupe, my BF hanging with me on my birthday :)
 vintage wedding presents for friends

 Immaculate conception
 fwiends in my glasses

           Summertime BBQ's

 nails for the wedding and the tattoo expo

A sneak peak into upcoming shop pictures...
Gorg Jes Modeling her own Yuki dress for the upcoming shop! (What do you think of the earrings as well? Those styles will be up there too, if you like!) 

I posted on my personal page with some exciting news! My studio is now set up to take students for private tutoring on project based questions, pattern making or draping lessons, hourly! Have a project you need to finish up? Always wanted to make yourself a blouse with some amazing vintage fabric you have? Emails me for details and rates!  More info coming.

Any feedback or questions? I would dig it.

Thanks for looking,
Cami Gee

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  1. I'd love to know more about the earrings.