Friday, October 10, 2014

SpOOOOkY good times..Halloween is coming!

I'm usually not feeling it on Halloween each year, it's way more fun to get dressed up when no one expects it anyways, but this year something's different. Plus it's on a friday! Are you getting into the spirit this year?

Heyyy speaking of scaring people on the daily, I wore this outfit to my favorite 15 year olds "monsters and villains" birthday party in September. I went for like a..."creepy vampire/killer glitter clown fashionable killer lady" after a monster teeth failure. ha ha! It wasn't what I was going for, but fun anyways.

I still love this dress I made for last years SAM fashion show and love that it fits me! I printed white checkered cotton with a handmade stamp of my logo, and did some red paint splatter. The rest of the dress is quilted and layered fabrics and lace with hoop steel and plastic boning in seams. 

In other news, this year's Bunka fashion show, a yearly show that Japanese fashion design students put on at SCCC, was fabulous! These cuties were modeling one of my favorite collections, a twist on traditional japanese garments and print.  I'm here looking super excited with my girl, Candace.

Thanks to stylin' gal pals and fellow designers,  Melody and Candace for going with me (They are each wearing their designs by the way!)

Speaking of collections, for the month of October I will be putting a handful of fall Yuki dresses in downtown Seattle store, Sassafras!  What I love best (after wearing my sample for the last few months) is it's competely reversible, a great layer piece, and comfy! Not to mention flattering and versatile.

I am most excited about making 2 exclusive halloween versions of the knit Yuki dress. I found the most amazing tangerine/true orange cotton/modal for one side,  (ON SALE at District Fabrics yessss) and this black and white cotton jersey print for the other! 

I am finishing these up now along with a few other colors and will post on social media lots when I drop them off.  Chat soon!

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