Millie Vixen was started in 2005 as a senior project. Interning at the Pretty Parlor (now located on Summit Ave in Capitol Hill) introduced me to the wonderful world indie designers. I merged my love for vintage fashions and sewing and have been doing it ever since. I use recycled and vintage materials whenever possible, and am constantly finding wonderful inspirations in old things. I am currently a graduate of the New York Fashion Academy and have a Master of Fashion Design and Construction certificate. I also teach Sloper, pattern making and draping classes there. Since 2007, I have been focusing on custom garment projects along with re-learning the art of fashion design and fit (ie TOTALLY NERDING OUT!).  I have met so many wonderful friends and connections in the industry and am excited to evolve Millie Vixen from a custom fashion line to a production line you can buy online or in local Seattle stores!